Pediatric Clinic

Pediatric consultation mini

Pediatric and Neonatal consultation

  • Consultation age group – birth to 18 yr.
  • Infectious disease management.
  • All health-related issues.

Online Consultation

  • Online booking and payment for consultation.
  • Video consultation.
    Prescription on registered mobile, both in mobile application and by SMS.
  • Can share report by uploading the report on Docon mobile application.
Pediatric vaccination schedule


  • Vaccination as per the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and National immunization program.
  • Vaccination for high-risk children, adolescents, traveler, during a disease outbreak.
  • Adult vaccination.
Growth chart

Growth assessment

  • Assessment of Weight, Height, weight for Height, Head circumference, Mid-parental height (Expected target height), Body mass index for the age. (As per WHO growth and IAP growth chart.
  • It helps in early diagnosis and management of any diet issues, nutritional deficiency, hormonal issues…

Developmental assessment

  • Developmental assessment help in keeping track of physical and intellectual growth. Also, help in early diagnosis and management of any neurological issues.

Maternal counseling

  • Ante-natal mother counseling for expected newborn.
  • Post-natal mother counseling for breastfeeding and newborn care.
  • Diet counseling.

Nutritional assessment and Diet counseling

  • Screening for nutrition deficiency.
  • Diet counseling as per nutritional deficiency and growth status.

Health checkup and certification

  • General physical health checkup for school admission, Insurance, other academic and sports admissions.
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