Dr.Vivek Shivhare

Dr.Vivekkumar K Shivhare

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), PGPN (Boston, USA)

Pediatric critical care fellowship

Consultant pediatrician, Orangecity hospital, Nagpur

” An experienced pediatrician with a pediatric practice of more than 11 years. He has done one-year fellowship in pediatric critical care. Dr.Vivekkumar Shivhare has given his services to CARE hospital, Nagpur for about 5.5 years as a Consultant pediatrician and Intensivist. Also designated as Head of the pediatric department of the same unit for 4 years. Dr.Shivhare has expertise in pediatric and neonatal intensive care along with general pediatric practice. He is a director in one of the best pediatric hospitals in Nagpur, Colour hospital, and also attached as a visiting pediatric consultant at Orangecity hospital, Nagpur. “

” Dr.V Shivhare believes in avoiding antibiotics as much as possible to maintain gut microbiota for better immunity and nutrient absorption.”

An experienced homeopathic general physician with a homeopathic practice of about 10 years. Dr.Jaya Shivhare has done a certificate course in Obstetrics and gynecology. She has also taken an MA degree in Clinical psychology. She practices pure homeopathy. She believes that homeopathy has definitive treatment for almost all chronic illnesses like skin disorders, joint disorders, migraine, addictions, hormonal imbalance, etc. Homeopathy has the promising treatment of Infertility, which is cost-effective without any hospitalisation or surgical procedure. 

“ Dr Jaya believes homeopathy is the best modality of treatment which is cost-effective and without any side effects. ”

Dr.Jaya Shivhare

Dr.Jaya V Shivhare

BHMS, CGO, MA (Clinical Psychology)

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