Dr. Vivekkumar Shivhare

Anion gap

The anion gap is a difference between positively charged ions (cations) and negatively charged ions (anions) in body fluid.


There are two versions of the pediatric vaccination schedule being followed in India. One is a Universal immunization program (UIP) by the Government of India and the other is recommended by the Indian academy of pediatrics (IAP). IAP pediatric vaccination schedule provides more coverage with respect to vaccine-preventable diseases. IAP vaccination schedule also covers vaccinations …


Newborn Skin

Newborn skin is delicate and quiet different than adult skin. Adaptation from intrauterine liquid submerged environment to outside dry environment take time. Hence newborn skin require a special care.

Breastfeeding Guide

There are multiple queries arise in mother’s mind about breastfeeding of the baby. Here are the answer to few such queries. WHEN TO START BREAST FEEDING? The baby must be put to the breast within half an hour after normal delivery or within four hours after cesarean sections. In the first 2-4 days, a small …

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Breast milk storage

Breast milk is the most nutritive food available to the baby. Breast milk is important not only for the physical, social, and neurological development of the baby but also for the prevention of infection and allergic diseases. Hence breast milk expression and storage is the best option for working mothers. Following are the guidelines for breast …

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Vaccination of children was never compulsory, but by giving vaccines to children we decrease the probability of them getting sick. By doing so, not only we improve overall health status of children but also decrease the overall economical burden on the family. Hence it is advisable to do vaccination of children should be done against …


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