Pediatric vaccination schedule

There are two versions of the pediatric vaccination schedule being followed in India. One is a Universal immunization program (UIP) by the Government of India and the other is recommended by the Indian academy of pediatrics (IAP). IAP pediatric vaccination schedule provides more coverage with respect to vaccine-preventable diseases. IAP vaccination schedule also covers vaccinations as per UIP.

A new schedule may be needed to be made If any vaccine got missed as per the schedule. (Minimum interval between two doses of the vaccine varies as per vaccine type, accordingly a new schedule needed to be made).

This schedule is for the general pediatric population. There are vaccines that are not included in this chart. Those vaccines are for the HIGH-RISK category of children or for endemic areas.

The high-risk category includes
    • Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency (e.g HIV infection or long-term immunosuppressive medication like steroid or chemotherapy).
    • Chronic illness of heart, lung, kidney, liver, blood, or Diabetes Mellitus.
    • Children with asplenia.
    • Laboratory personals and healthcare workers.
    • Travelers.
    • During disease outbreaks (like COVID 19).
    • Exposure to infection.
Vaccines for the high-risk category or endemic areas:
    • Meningococcal vaccine
    • Japanese encephalitis
    • Cholera
    • PPSV 23 (Pneumococcal vaccine)
    • Yellow fever
    • Rabies

The vaccine never provides 100 % immunity against infection. It decreases the probability of acquiring infection. Even if infection occurs, severity is low. Hence significantly decrease the chance of getting hospitalized. It decreases infection-related mortality or morbidity.  Vaccination decreases the overall economic burden on the family. Vaccination against vaccine-preventable disease must be taken. To know more about vaccination please refer to other posts on vaccination. (Link provided below).

To get the vaccination schedule, please enter the birth date. A printout of the same can be taken for a personal record.

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