Vaccination of children was never compulsory, but by giving vaccines to children we decrease the probability of them getting sick. By doing so, not only we improve overall health status of children but also decrease the overall economical burden on the family. Hence it is advisable to do vaccination of children should be done against all possible infections as per the IAP vaccination schedule. Here is a short overview of vaccine-related queries.

What is the vaccine?
Vaccines are the medications (biological preparations) that when given in the recommended schedule and dose provide immunity against a particular disease. They are available in oral or injectable forms depending on vaccine type.

Vaccination of children

Why vaccination is given?
Immunity developed after giving a vaccine prevents the receiver from a particular disease occurrence. Hence in the broad view, it prevents the receiver from illness, medication-related side effects, possible hospitalization from a particular disease, medical expenses associated with the same, and prevent health deterioration associated with illness.

At what age vaccine is supposed to be given?

Vaccination starts right from birth and continues till 16 years of age at variable intervals.
Vaccination of children should be done as per the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) or Universal immunization program (UIP) recommended schedule.

What if vaccination is missed or not able to give on schedule?
Try to be punctual with the schedule of vaccination for optimum immunity. If missed, to be given as early as possible as per the pediatrician’s advice.
If not vaccinated on time and want to vaccinate, vaccination can be done as per the catch-up vaccination schedule depending on the type of vaccine and age of receiver at time vaccination.

Can vaccination be done if my child is ill?
If the receiver has a fever, it is advisable to delay vaccination till the fever subsides. If the receiver has a mild illness in the form of cold, occasional cough, no fever (no fever for last 24 hr without any antipyretic medication), vaccination can be given with the physician’s advice.


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